30.9.19 Recipe selections

Today the children discussed the recipes they had researched and explained to the class what made them healthy; linking them to the Eatwell Guide as well as considering the budget the children have. The children had also consulted the website; https://www.parentclub.scot/recipes where they had found some different recipes they might also try at home. We also discussed how we could accommodate some food intolerance and preferences e.g. vegetarian options.

The children then voted for the ones they would like to make. It was great to hear the different choices that the children were making from previous years and their wide variety of likes and dislikes.

The children will make Pizzas on their trip to Pizza Express in January. After the October break, we will then make Salmon and Broccoli Noodles, Lasagne, Stovies and a Pie. The meat used in these may vary according to children’s choices.

Following this, the groups did some work to look at the energy we gain from food and were surprised to find out foods that were high in calories and compare 100g serving and the energy received from them.

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